Friday, December 30, 2011

"Looking Forward" to 2012: First Night in Boston

If you're sitting at your cubicle (or in your bedroom at your parents' house) daunted by the idea of an unplanned New Year's weekend, we can sympathize. In fact, with so much to do in one of the best cities in the world, its easy to forget just how easy planning can be without breaking the bank. And don't feel bad because you just couldn't swing that trip to NYC with your friends. Boston has a celebration all its own that honors the firsts and lasts of everything this holiday.

On, the official website of Boston's annual winter celebration, the facts page boats that "First Night is the oldest and largest New Year's Eve celebration of the arts in North America". However, if you're not a fan of all things artistic, don't fret. With over a million people expected to celebrate this year, there is something in the city for everyone. 

What to do:
  • Beginning at 5:30, the annual holiday procession commences at 5:30 in front of the Hynes Convention Center. If you enjoy the pomp and circumstance of a holiday parade, grab a spot along Boylston St., or where Charles St. meets Beacon St. This is a great family activity and for those who might want to call it an early night.
  • While considered art, the annual display of ice sculptures is an entertaining way to spend time between city adventures. This year's collection will include five masterpieces illuminated by a variety of lights. Weighing between 30 and 45 tons, each sculpture is impressive and might motivate you to take on a hands-on project in the coming year!
  • Got plans during the day but want to see the year out with a colorful explosion of delight? Don't miss the midnight fireworks over Boston Harbor! The Zambelli family, famous in the firework business for a little under a century, has been making the skyline sparkle in more than 18,000 cities alone for nationwide July 4th celebrations. We can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves this year!
  • If you're looking for a party, websites like have full listings of the festivities going down at venues like the Seaport Hotel and Club Mantra. (But hurry because these can sell out up until the day before!) Ticket prices may include amenities such as bottle service, hors d'oeuvres and champagne tots at midnight.
  • For the comedian (and comedienne alike), acts such as Dan Kelly and John Pinette, will be performing  at venues across the city. Their events, as well as others, can be found on's calendar page.
  • Despite the expected increase in visitors to the city this weekend, there are still plenty of ways and places to steal a moment or two of romance on this holiday. Thanks to this guide we found, you can sweep your significant other off their feet at midday or midnight if you check out's "Best Places to Kiss" gallery.
  • However, while some chose Boston because we know how to "do it big", some prefer the quaintness of a simple dinner out and watching Dick Clark in the comfort of their own home. We can understand that but don't miss out the celebrating entirely! From Aura Restaurant to The Beehive, there's a festive spot for everyone! (Reservations recommended!)
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And have a very Happy New Year! xoxo

    Sunday, December 25, 2011

    Headliners: 2011

    2011. Ah, what a year. From newsworthy arrests to downgraded stocks, it's been a wild ride and not one we're likely to forget. Although it's not over yet, we thought we'd recognize the few news articles and hot topics that really made our year memorable.
    • MOST WANTED- James 'Whitey' Bulger: After 16 years on the F.B.I.'s "Most Wanted list", "Whitey" was captured this year along with his girlfriend in Santa Monica, California. Wanted for several charges (including racketeering, murder, conspiracy and narcotics distribution), the 82 year old former mobster is spending his days awaiting trial in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 
    • MOST CHANGED SINCE FRESHMAN YEAR THEIR CAREER TOOK OFF- Lindsay Lohan: If there's one thing that Lindsay Lohan never learned, it's that life is supposed to get better after high school. Maybe if she'd had the experience of facing mean girls instead of becoming one, everything from her minor car crashes in 2004 to her "accidental" jewelry theft earlier this year would be but a mere figment of the imagination. However, money can't buy you happiness and Lindsay has sure seen her fair share of unhappy moments this year from her brief stints in jail to community service hours and court dates.
    • BEST SMILE- Lea Michele: She's the actress that puts the "glee" into the FOX channel sensation and wows the red carpet on a regular basis. Since 2009, Lea Michele has become a  Hollywood sweetheart with her warm smile and advocacy for gay and animal rights. As good as 2011 was for Lea, we have a feeling that 2012 has already had an early and sparkly beginning with her role in the "New Year's Eve" motion picture.
    • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS WEDDING PARTY MEMBER- 'The grumpy flower girl': It may have been Duchess Kate Middleton's sister Pippa who "ruled" as most glamorous royal sister on April 29th but 3-year-old Lady Grace van Cutsem stole the show with her flower-framed pout atop Buckingham Palace's balcony. Not a fan of military fly-bys or her godfather's romantic moments with his new bride, its hard to not think of the royal nuptials without remembering Lady Grace's little face peering over the balcony.
    • MOST INFLUENTIAL- The Arab Spring: While the world credits the United States with taking down one of the most evil men in history this year, its the Arab Spring movement that sparked a revolution around the world. December 2010 marked the beginning of what would be a new order for the Arab world from Algeria to Yemen and since that time, the world has kept a watchful eye on the shift of power in the Middle East.
    • CLASS CLOWN- Charlie Sheen: Remember that kid in class who always made the jokes but took them just far enough that it made you uneasy? We're guessing that Charlie Sheen was that kid minus  the strong-willed (or -handed) adult to steer him clear of the wildness that would later set in. Gone are the days when we might follow the words of Jewel and "learn love from Charlie Sheen" but at least we're a year from his 2011 fall from grace. According to IMDb, there are a few projects in post-production featuring Mr. Sheen that might just "Catchfire"and aren't "Rated X".
    • BEST DRESSED- Fashion's Night Out: In 2011, 18 countries participated in what was the biggest international exchange in the fashion industry. Cities from Australia to the United States hosted fashion shows and other gala events that were sponsored by industry businesses and designers such as VOGUE International. The informational website boasts "with stores in more than 250 cities across the country and more than 1,000 retailers in NYC alone, FNO was bigger and better than ever before". (Want to get ahead so as not to miss the festivities and year-round promotions? Visit here! )
    • MOST OUTSPOKEN- London riots: Another national movement that took the media by storm this year was the rioting in London. Stemming from a police reaction to a peaceful protest march on August 6th, widespread looting and arson plagued the borough of Tottenham for four straight days and led to the 3,100 arrests, five deaths and over a dozen injuries. Those who heeded the travel warnings of the several countries that issued them, and explored the riots through the media would discover riots described by one journalist as "the worst disturbances of their kind since the 1995 Brixton riots". If nothing else, this year was a lively one and we think that the London riots, while possibly "shameful", brought awareness to social issues that otherwise might have gone unnoticed.
    • MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED- Beyonce: Just when it seems that things can't get any better for the "Queen Bee", Ms. Sasha Fierce acquired new management (herself), recorded and released a new album ("4") and announced that she and husband, Jay-Z, are expecting their first child this year. Additionally, Ms. Knowles was identified by Forbes as the eighth "Best Paid Celebrity Under 30" in June. With all that under her belt, the hard-working, soon-to-be mama has set herself up for a very comfortable 2012.
    • LIFE OF THE PARTY- Rebecca Black: Okay, we kid, but seriously, we give this girl props. Who knew that a song so bad could be such a sensation? With 167 million hits, the (un)popular party tune inspired everything from hashtags to video spoofs (and unfortunately a few death threats). Thanks to YouTube and various social media outlets, 'Friday' took off like a 14 year old after last period on, well, a 'Friday'...
    • MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED POSTHUMOUSLY- Amy Winehouse: On July 26th the world bid farewell to possibly one of the last true soul crooners of the modern era. After her struggle with relationships, substance abuse, mental health issues, violence, legal troubles and respiratory problems, Amy Winehouse succumbed to the demons that had plagued her career and personal life. However, as fans across the world saw their "Tears Dry", a charitable organization was assembled in her memory "to support charitable activities [around the world]...that provide help... to young people...who are in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial disadvantage or addiction". This organization helps to heal the "Body and Soul" of those in need and helps the spirit of Amy live on with one of the most honorable claims to fame there is.
    What made your year? Comment, friend or tweet us (@COSMOpolitique) with your favorite 2011 memories!

    Oh, and Happy New Year!


    Monday, December 19, 2011

    BLAST Investigates Occupy Boston: The Movement and What It's Doing to Your Holiday Spirit

    Throughout the holiday season, we catch glimpses of images of those in need; refugees, starving children and victims of injustice. The holiday season is the time of year when we think to reach a little deeper into our pockets for those "extra gifts" and to go above and beyond...but are they making a difference in our local or global communities? Ask BLAST, (a on-line lifestyle/ tech magazine for the "Generation Y and X crowd" who dabble in pop culture, MTV, Nintendo and student loans) who caught our attention this morning when it gave voice to a young member of the Occupy Boston camp.

    The five question interview featuring 21-year old Nicole Sullivan is intriguing because it puts young people in touch with a narrative that could be coming from any one of their friends. She responds to questions with a strong sense of identity noting her membership to the queer community, the city of Somerville and local community college. She is a self-titled "activist" and has been involved in campaigns for more than just financial reform. She describes her perspective as one "from both sides of the fence" through her illustration of her family life and education and admits that, "once I lost the backbone of wealth, it did not matter how hard I worked. There is no way to win."

    With Massachusetts reportedly having the third highest per capita personal income of $50, 735 in 2008 and a significant number of struggling citizens sprinkled throughout communities across the state, the concern of a dwindling middle class becomes a very real issue. Occupy Boston is not just a branch of a movement that targets the financial capital of the world, its a revolution to change the communities that subscribe to a "fend for yourself" attitude simply because they have the financial means to do so.

    Ms. Sullivan's involvement with the Occupy Boston movement brings hope that young people are still engaged in their communities and will stand up for what they believe (even if its out of desperation). As a community, we must answer the call and support those who are disenfranchised and seek to make the world a better place like Ms. Sullivan. Her efforts, and those of her fellow activists,  have not gone unnoticed, thanks to media outlets like BLAST. In fact, their message is loud and clear.

    And in case there was any doubt, Ms. Sullivan is going places, even if its not to the infamous Dewey Square encampment.

    Read Nicole Sullivan's interview here: People of Occupy Boston: Nicole Sullivan

    How are YOU going to get involved? Share ideas by commenting below!

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    The Nice List: 11 D.I.Y. Holiday Gift Ideas!

    At some point, holiday gifting can get a little carried away. From swearing to yourself that you'll start shopping earlier next year to your budget being less realistic than you'd hoped (and all of the holiday predicaments in between,) sometimes its nice to get a little creative and give a give that comes from the heart instead of hitting the outlet malls in search of any one "thing".

    With that in mind, meet your holiday D.I.Y. gift guide! After scouring the web for the cutest gift ideas, we shared our top 11 favorites for every day left on the calendar until the big day!

      Sewn Felt Slippers
    1. Tote Bag with Iron-On Silhouette: Everyone from Mom to a "mom-to-be" can appreciate the convenience of a canvas tote. Personalize this gift with a monogram stencil as a classic way of making a practical gift glamorous!
    2. Sewn Felt Slippers: This gift is essential for anyone on your list who enjoys the coziness of the season. Package with hot cocoa mix or tea lights and a matching coffee or tea mug for the gift of "A Cozy Night In"!
    3. Dip-Dyed Candles: For friends who are finally moving out into the world, give candles to new homeowners or recent empty nesters. Nothing says home like a beautifully lit candle!
    4. Cute Cork Coasters: After several weeks of holiday shopping and sprucing, a nice glass of wine sounds like the perfect treat. But where to put down your glass?! These coasters are the perfect gift for the wino's in your life (and can be gifted with inscriptions by writing little messages on the corks in a thin permanent marker)!
    5. Braided Dupioni Silk Necklace: This was the first gift we saw where one would just not be enough! Whether you make an extra strand for yourself or give multiple strands to a friend for layering, this beautiful jewelry can spice up even the dreariest of winter outfits.
    6. Rein-beers: First seen on, this gift is perfect for any and all men on your list! We thought of decorating all but one bottle with brown or black pom-pom noses and making one with a red nose. If this is your first Christmas together, its a no-pressure gift that is clever and easy!
    7. Needle-felted Handmade Pillows with Roving, Yarn and Felt Accents: Once we started thinking about who made our holiday lists this year, we jut wanted to give everyone one of these! Vary the shapes and trimmings and its very easy to make a whole set for the friend who just got a place of their own! 
    8. Bath Fizzies: With any luck, it will start to feel like Christmas soon but with the cold weather comes cold hands and feet. Remind friends and family to relax this holiday season by a gift that pampers and pleases! 
    9. Velvet Ribbon Belt: Martha Stewart's website says it all, "A gift so simple and luxurious, you might be tempted to make one for yourself!"
    10. Patterned Sachets: This gift is essential for friends or family who like to travel. Help them keep a little bit of home with them wherever they may go (and some Christmas spirit too)!
    11. Photograph Jewelry: Nothing is more personal than a picture of a loved one. We thought this gift was especially good for family members and friends who remember you when "you were just this big"!
    We hope you have some fun making this beautiful gifts! Post any pictures or ideas you have used as d.i.y. gifts and we'll share them with the COSMO-politique community. 

    Hope you're Christmas time is as festive as ours and happy holidays! 

    Wednesday, December 7, 2011

    Christmas Countdown: The 18 Reasons You Shouldn't Vote GOP in 2012

    As your options for holiday gifts get slimmer and slimmer, so do the GOP candidates for president. In fact, as they weed themselves out of this political circus that is obtaining their party's nomination, it may become clearer as to why voting Republican is not the way to go in 2012.

    The reason these candidates are not attractive candidates for "leader of the free world" is based on their ability to understand the bigger issues facing America, how they comport themselves in political (or presidential settings) and their general lack of knowledge.

    Below are a few frightening facts about these aspiring presidents:

    Michelle Bachmann
    • 55, Tea Party "darling", made famous by her many gaffes (Don't confuse her with the historical facts...)
    Newt Gingrich
    • 68, ousted as Speaker of the House, wants to protect the sanctity of marriage yet has been married 3 times and settled a divorce with a former spouse on her hospital bed (How's that for 'sacred'?)
    Jon Hunstman
    • 51, no skeletons in his closet other than the fact that he dropped out of high school (but later earned his G.E.D.) and is friends with the Chinese (VP). (No word yet on whether or not he ever inhaled...)
    Ron Paul
    • 76, has been nicknamed "Dr. No" which settles his likelihood of being a pragmatic leader and has a foreign policy of "non-intervention" despite the fact that globalization is proving to be a contributing flattener of the world.
    Rick Perry
    • 61, named his hunting lodge something racially offensive (not to mention morally reprehensible) and said that human rights for gays are not in America's best interests.
    Mitt Romney
    Rick Santorum
    On top of all this, some candidates don't understand the separation of church and state while others simply don't understand moral obligations. Furthermore, candidates should be checking their facts because Americans are smart and we know what's good for us. 

    (Hint: Demonizing our relationship with Israel doesn't make the list...)

    Speaking of lists, what are your thoughts on the presidential candidates so far? Leave us a comment below and we'll promptly respond! (Mostly because there are no press secretaries to wrangle with!)

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Getting in 'line' during the holiday season...

    It's almost December and if you haven't noticed, the weather outside doesn't quite remind us of the classic holiday season. What's more likely, is that you're thinking of saving the sweaters and other fashionable "trimmin'"'s that are typically reserved for a whiter Christmas.

    Taking a tip from Nina Garcia's fashion favorites in The One Hundred, today's focus is on the A-Line dress; a versatile, stylish solution no matter your holiday weather. 

    Photo credit.

    As seen above, the A-line dress mimics the shape of a capital letter A and as Nina says, "It will work for you on your best day. It will work for you on your worst day. It will work when you don't know what to wear, for all occasions and in all kinds of weather. And no matter what, it will flatter your figure." Seems like a match made in Cosmo-politique heaven!

    Still not convinced? Picture a black solid A-line, some faux jeweled baubles, solid black opaque tights and those great red pumps you have at the top of your Christmas list.

    Feature: A-Line Dress
    Build your own look at!

    Now you're ready to be "belle of the ball"...or at least the yule log!
    Share your thoughts about this look and other holiday favorites below. xoxo!