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Part city girl, part suburban recluse, here is the world according to a recent college grad-turned political fundraiser who never really left her shameless sense of adventure behind once she turned her tassel.

From internships on Beacon Hill to surveying local restaurants, the social scene for a cosmo-politique is filled with creative spontaneity and curiosity. We are that fresh crowd looking beyond our campuses and social groups to explore the world around us and be a part of it!

Between the features of noteworthy Bostonians to exploring beyond city boundaries, COSMOpolitique seeks to highlight everything from fashion to beauty and all things fun for foodies and newsies, in a comprehensive attempt to inspire friends and followers to go exploring themselves!

Looking for a cause to champion or a lecture to broaden your horizons? Maybe you need a chic place to meet your sister or a sporting event to get your scream on...if you're looking for the who, what, where (or wear!), when and why in this town, look no further than the COSMOpolitique and you'll never miss out!

Also, if you ever have an idea, a new trend for us to report on or a social event you're recruiting an audience for, we'd be happy to hear from you so feel free to drop us a line! Tips, questions and comments can be sent to

Things we like:
"...getting caught in the rain..."
hole-in-the-wall locales
international affairs
(vintage) jewelry
Kate Hudson
money-saving ideas
The Red Sox
social media

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